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Stranger Things is an American paranormal horror and science-fiction web TV series created, directed and co-executive produced by the Duffer Brothers and Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen are also its co-executive producers. The Duffer Brothers build up the series as a combination of investigation drama along with paranormal aspects with naive sensibilities, ascertaining its time frame in the 1980s and this series also creates the homage to pop culture of that decade. Various directional aspects and themes of the series were inspired by the works of John Carpenter, Steven Spielberg and Stephen King.


Wiki-About Stranger Things TV Series


The latest Netflix inventive series pays perfect homage to 1980’s music and era. Stranger Things series – positioned in 1983 and centered on a group of young kids in the little Indiana town of Hawkins and their hunt for their friend Will who disappears as he cycles towards his residence one night. The series guides the feelings of the celluloid narrators who conquered the era and it also conveys an inoculation of wistfulness accurate to the spectator’s heart. The remorseless 12-year-old heroes on their bicycles are directly out of Spielberg; chiefly when they discover Eleven, a psychokinetic girl with big eyes and bizarre powers who was concealed by the boys in the cellar and who slowly finds out by these boys example what loyalty and friendship mean. Stranger Things is enjoyable for approximately all the family members, depending on their youthful buddies reactions to sporadic violent scenes. The pace of the series is quick enough to carry on younger spectators captivated, and anybody old enough to retains information about 1983 for actual is in for an opulently pleasant retro-feast whose cockle-warming capabilities formulate up for a somewhat conventional description and insufficient clarification of the original myths by the conclusion. All the necessary ingredients are present in series such as spooky woodlands, nosebleeds as a symbol of aggressive psychological attempt, walkie-talkies as the main rim of technology, missing spirits conversing through mains energy and crackling phone lines, elasticized walls via which frantic hands and shattering faces shove and simple friends destined to blood-spattered bereavements in the furtherance of story plots.


Stranger Things Cast and Characters of Stranger Things Season 2


One of the major appealing features of the show is that even though the cast is made stronger by adding with renowned actors such as Winona Ryder and David Harbour, most of the characters are youngsters or young children. Harbour, will appear as the town’s bad-tempered police chief, while Ryder conveys a touch of reminiscence to her role as Will’s over exerted and stressed-out mother. Newcomers like Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Caleb McLaughlin and Gaten Matarazzo have given justice to their respective roles.

Stranger Things Cast List

  • Winona Ryder played the character of Joyce Byers, mother of teenager Jonathan Byers and 12 years old boy Will Byers.
  • Millie Bobby Brown played the character of a young psychokinetic girl Eleven who befriend with Will’s friend Dustin, Mike and Lucas and assisted them in searching Will.
  • Noah Schnapp played the character of Will Byers who vanishes after witnessing the unseen creature. He is the younger brother of Jonathan Byers and son of Joyce Byers.
  • David Harbour played the character of Jim Hopper who is the chief of Hawkins Police Department.
  • Charlie Heaton played the character of Will’s older brother Jonathan Byers.
  • Gaten Matarazzo played the character of Dustin Henderson who is one of Will’s friends and has a problem of cleidocranial dysplasia.
  • Finn Wolfhard played the character of Mike Wheeler who is one of three friends of Will and brother of Nancy.
  • Caleb McLaughlin played the character of Lucas Sinclair who is also one of the friends of Will.
  • Natalia Dyer played the character of teenage girl Nancy wheeler who is the older sister of Mike and Steve Harrington’s girlfriend.
  • Cara Buono played the character of Karen Wheeler, mother of Mike, Nancy and tot Holly.
  • Joe Keery played the character of Steve Harrington, popular high school student and Nancy’s boyfriend.
  • Matthew Modine played the character of Martin Brenner, lab director of Hawkins Laboratory who is very remote and manipulative.
  • Shannon Purser played the character of Barb, who is Nancy’s best friend.
  • Ross Partridge played the character of Lonnie Byers, ex-husband of Joyce Byers.
  • Mark Steger played the character of Stranger Things Monster (a creature that lives in the Upside Down) who was referred as the Demogorgon by Will’s friend.
  • Aimee Mullins played the character of Terry Ives, who alleged that her daughter is stolen by somebody shortly after she gave her birth.


New Cast and Character Added in Stranger Things Season 2

 Stranger Things Season 2 Cast Full List

It is said that Stranger Things will be increasing out its cast in 2017 with some new characters

  • A tomboy and sturdy 13-year-old badass girl Max with intricate past played by Sadie Sink.
  • Billy the cocksure stepbrother of Max played by Dacre Montgomery.
  • Brett Gelman will play the character of Murray Bauman a mortified journalist who turned into a conspiracy theorist and inspecting a cold case in Hawkins.
  • Sean Astin will play the character of Bob Newby a kind- hearted man, a former schoolmate of Joyce and Hopper who is now managing the Hawkins Radio Shack and have a relationship with Joyce.
  • Paul Reiser will connect the series as Owens, who is a prominent member of the Department of Energy.
  • Roman Linnea Berthelsen will play the character of a mysterious girl Roman who becomes homeless and suffered an emotional damage at an early stage and has been looking for a vengeance ever since.


First season of the series/Stranger Things Season 1


The first season of the series was released on Netflix on 15th July 2016 and it received significant acclamations for its pace, picturization, characterization, acting, writing, directing and soundtrack.  Set of the series is in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana in the 1980s and the first season focuses on the investigation into the disappearance of a young boy named Will Byers by his traumatized mother Joyce Byers, older brother Jonathan Byers, friends and the local police chief Jim Hopper, accompanied by paranormal events happening around the township together with the appearance of a psychokinetic lass who aids the omitted boy’s friends in their personal search.


Stranger Things Season 1 episodes Full List


The first season of stranger things was released on Netflix on 15th July 2016. The season consists of eight episodes of forty to forty-five minutes in length.

Stranger Things Season 1 Episode 1 – ‘The Vanishing of Will Byers’

Directed By – The Duffer Brothers

In November 1983, in the town of Hawkins, Indiana in a US Department of Energy laboratory a scientist is assaulted by an unobserved creature. A 12-year-old boy Will Byers meets the creature and disappears while he was bicycling home from a Dungeons & Dragons sitting with his friends. The next day a young girl dressing in a hospital gown lifts foodstuff from a local restaurant. The diner owner, Benny feeds her before calling social services as he takes pity on her. From a tattoo on the girl’s arm, Benny finds out that her name is Eleven in a meanwhile a woman arrives who act as if she is a social worker and slaughters Benny. Armed men gaze for the restaurant for Eleven, but she flees. Will’s friends Dustin, Mike and Lucas hunt for Will in the forest and there they find Eleven. Will’s mother Joyce seems that she heard Will’s voice on an unclear phone call, but her phone short-circuits.

Stranger Things Season 1 Episode 2 – ‘The Weirdo on Maple Street’

Directed by – The Duffer Brothers

The boys get Eleven to Mike’s home, where she slumbers in the basement. On the next day, Eleven tells Mike that awful people are seeking her and declines to meet up Mike’s parents. Scientists from the Hawkins lab discovered a stuff oozing from the walls of Joyce’s home. Eleven identifies and points at Will in a photograph at Mike’s house. Dustin and Lucas desire to update Mike’s parents regarding Eleven, but she applies psychokinesis to impede them. While looking for Will, the boys’ science teacher, Mr. Clarke, noticed a piece of a sanatorium gown outside the laboratory grounds. Nancy goes with her pal Barb to a bash at her boyfriend Steve’s residence. In the meantime, Will’s brother Jonathan examines the forest where Will went lost there he heard screaming and run out to help however he discovers only Nancy, Steve and their friends rough-housing around Steve’s swimming pool and Jonathan clandestinely photographs them after sometime Barb, left unaccompanied by the poolside and vanishes. Joyce gets another call from Will, listens to music from his room, and spots something coming out through the wall; scientists from laboratory also discover a stuff discharging from the walls of Will’s home.

Stranger Things Season 1 Episode 3 – ‘Holly, Jolly’

Directed by – Shawn Levy

Barb awakens up in a vacant and rotten pool. She squeals for Nancy and endeavors to climb out but is pulled down by something invisible. Joyce ropes Christmas lights around her house to converse with Will, who turn lights on and off. Dr. Martin Brenner, the Hawkins Lab director permits Hopper to inspect the lab’s security camera recording after viewing the video Hopper believes it is forged. Hopper and his team inspect Hawkins Lab, Brenner, and a lady named Terry Ives who alleged that her daughter was seized by Brenner. Eleven has a flashback memory in which Brenner (whom she calls Papa) put her in lonely imprisonment for rejecting to telekinetically hurt a cat. Nancy worries concerning Barb, who is omitted. Steve and his friends find out Jonathan’s secretly clicked photographs and destroy them. Nancy picks up a photo of Barb by the poolside and comes back to Steve’s home to investigate for her. Nancy discovers Barb’s vehicle and witnesses the creature in the woods. Joyce sets up a code with her son Will via the lights by which he informs his mother that he is alive but he is very unsafe and Will also alert his mother Joyce to run as the undiscovered creature has started climbing through their home’s wall. Will’s evident body is also discovered in the water at a pit.

Stranger Things Season 1 Episode 4 – ‘The Body’

Directed by – Shawn Levy

Eleven verifies to the boys that Will is alive by formulating contact via walkie-talkie of Mike. To verify the body, Joyce went out to the morgue but declines to believe it is Will. Eleven was given a makeover by boys to creep her into school. Joyce again hears Will’s voice in her living room wall. By scratching the wallpaper, she sees Will behind a casing. Eleven utilizes Mr. Clarke’s ham radio to conduit while Will was conversing to his mother in the meantime Joyce knockdowns the wall by an axe, however, discloses her front portal only. Nancy notices a figure at the back of Barb in Jonathan’s clicked photo after viewing this Jonathan recognizes that the figure goes together with his mother’s portrayal of the creature (a humanoid figure with long arms and no face) Nancy tells the police about her missing friend. Hopper undertakes the police officer who found Will’s dead body and bangs him. The police officer confesses that he was ordered to tell a lie after that Hopper finds that the body which is supposed be Will is a dummy.

Stranger Things Season 1 Episode 5 – ‘The Flea and the Acrobat’

Directed by – The Duffer Brothers

Will’s father Lonnie guarantees Joyce that her occurrences are delusions. The boys arrive at the opinion that Will is confined in an unconventional dimension which Eleven describes as the Upside Down. Hopper finds out a doorway in the cellar of the lab but suddenly he is thumped out by the guards of the lab and he awakes at home. He seeks out his home and discovers a concealed microphone. The boys inquire Mr. Clarke about other dimensions after will’s internment to which he acquainted them that a high-energy space-time rip could engender an opening amid dimensions. The officers’ report Hopper that Barb’s car was located by the state; Hopper comes across the state’s participation doubtful. The boys follow their compasses due to positing that a rip in space-time would interrupt Earth’s electromagnetic field. Eleven memorizes being positioned in an isolation tank to telepathically spy on a man talking Russian and about how she came across the creature while eavesdropping. Eleven readdresses the compasses as she was frightened of meeting the creature yet again. Lucas observes Eleven’s warp and squares up to her; Mike guards her against Lucas, they both fight with each other and suddenly Eleven tosses away Lucas from Mike telekinetically. After that Eleven disappears from the place, while Mike and Dustin try to tend unconscious Lucas. Jonathan and Nancy discover a wounded deer in the woods which was dragged away by the creature; they follow the trail of blood. Nancy moves slowly through a passageway to the Upside Down and finds out the creature gorging upon the deer. She breaks a twig and catches the creature’s attention.

Stranger Things Season 1 Episode 6 – ‘The Monster’

Directed by – The Duffer Brothers

When Nancy can’t get out of the doorway by herself, then Jonathan pulls her through and saves her from the monster. As she was afraid to be alone in her bedroom so she asks Jonathan to stay with her. At the same time, Steve sees them both together through her bedroom casement and presumes that they are dating. After that next day, Jonathan and Nancy make their mind up to destroy the monster and for that, they bought equipment from an army surplus store. Jonathan unintentionally attacks a deputy during a fist conflict with Steve and gets arrested. Hopper and Joyce hunt down Terry Ives after that his sister Becky give details that Terry undertook her during Project MKUltra testing mistakenly while she was pregnant; she alleged her daughter Jane was abducted by Brenner after her birth after hearing this Hopper and Joyce come to a conclusion that Eleven is possibly Jane. Eleven steals Eggo waffles from the store; at the same time she reminds being asked to make contact with the monster and how her contact unlocks the doorway to the Upside Down in the lab cellar. Dustin and Mike are attacked by school bullies James and Troy, while they were searching Eleven. Troy grips Dustin at knifepoint and commands Mike to take a suicidal leap into the lake where Will’s dead body was exposed. As a result, Mike jumps down but he was protected by Eleven, she who also send off the bullies. Lucas notices that agents are departing from the laboratory and comprehend that they are going to Mike’s house.

Stranger Things Season 1 Episode 7 – ‘The Bathtub’

Directed by – The Duffer Brothers

Lucas informs Mike through walkie-talkie that administration agents are on the way. Dustin, Mike and Eleven escape from the house. Eleven telekinetically turns over a van that obstructs their way, and the kids flee from there. Lucas reunites with Dustin, Mike and Eleven.  Hopper and Joyce are called off by the police officer to the police station because of Jonathan’s physical attack. Nancy and Jonathan disclose their information of the monster to Hopper and Joyce afterward they all make contact with Mike and his friends and they meet. They all request Eleven to look for Barb and Will, however, her previous acts have left her excessively feeble to locate them; so to strengthen Eleven’s powers, they smash into the middle school and put up an isolation tank. After undergoing isolation tank Eleven discovers Barb’s dead body with a slug-like creature coming out of her mouth and with Joyce’s aid, she locates Will too he was alive, concealing in his backyard fort- Castle Byers in the Upside Down. Joyce and Hopper smash into Laboratory but they are detained by security guards. Jonathan and Nancy make their mind up to slay the monster and lift their purchased equipment back from the police station. Suddenly the monster smashes into the backyard fort where Will is concealing in the Upside Down.

Stranger Things Season 1 Episode 8 – ‘The Upside Down’

Directed by – The Duffer Brothers

Hopper confers up about Eleven’s position to Brenner in the swap over for admittance to the doorway of Upside Down then he and Joyce go through the Upside Down. Hopper remembers about his daughter Sarah how she was fighting to take breaths previous to her cancer analysis. Nancy and Jonathan attacked the Byers’ home with weapons to search out the monster and they also slash their hands to catch the attention of the monster through their blood contemporaneously Steve arrives there to apologize Jonathan regarding their clash. The monster shows aggression and attacks but vanishes before moving towards the trap. Steve sits in his car to depart but waits when he apprehends that the monster is recurring. The monster jumps out the trap but flees back to the Upside Down. Eleven and the boys hide in the middle school suddenly the military squalls the school but Eleven slaughters them and collapses; in the mean time Brenner finds her and cradle her but monster attacks. The boys take out Eleven to a classroom and conceal. Joyce and Hopper locate the monster’s nest in the town library of Upside Down. Will was there, unconscious with a stem down his gullet. At the school, the monster comes across the children but Eleven badges the monster against the wall and the monster and Eleven vanish from there. Joyce and Hopper execute Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) on Will and revitalize him. Will is hospitalized and joins up with his mother, brother, and friends. Hopper is unwillingly pulled up by a black car. Now after one month, Nancy has gone back together with Steve and both are now Jonathan’s friends. Hopper puts down Eggo waffles and additional food in a container in the woods. Will cough up a slug-resembling creature in his bathroom and has a hallucination of the world as the Upside Down, but he conceals this from his family.


Second Season of the Series/Stranger Things Season 2 Release Date


Stranger Things season 2 release date is scheduled on 31st October 2017 and the story is set concerning a year after the actions of the first season and will discover the superior mythology of Will’s vanishing. The second season will explain the firm desire to return to normality in Hawkins for Will, his friends, his family and the other inhabitants of the town distressed by the events. Some segments of the season will furthermore take place outside Hawkins. Duffer brothers had revealed episode titles for the second season in the proclamation teaser in order to offer some tip-offs of season two without bestowing anything away. But Matt Duffer also stated that some of the titles might change according to needs. It is also rumored that in this season Will Byers character might become a monster.


Upcoming Stranger Things Season 2 episodes Full List


The second season, having about one-hour long nine episodes and is planned to be released on October 31, 2017. Stranger things season 2 trailer for the upcoming season was aired during Super Bowl; where they also announced the release date and the names of the episodes.

Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 1 – ‘Madmax’ 

The episode is directed by The Duffer Brothers

The first episode of season 2 will likely introduce the new character Max, a little badass girl in school. According to the teasers, Max will certainly be an essential character in this season.


Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 2 – ‘The Boy Who Came Back to Life’

The episode is directed by The Duffer Brothers

This is an evident nod to Will, where we will see how Will is welcomed by his family, friends and local citizens of Hawkins after his come back from the Upside Down, particularly bearing in mind the heading which was uploaded on the front page of the newspaper in the final episode of the prior season.

Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 3 – ‘The Pumpkin Patch’

The episode is directed by Shawn Levy

Possibly this episode will have somewhat to perform with creepy eggs from Upside Down we got a glimpse of one egg (the pumpkin patch) in the previous season. So maybe we could get a chance to see more eggs in this season.

Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 4 – ‘The Palace’

The episode is directed by Shawn Levy

This place might be another interesting and important location in the Upside Down. Perhaps we can find the proud princess here who was hinted in season one’s last episode.

Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 5 – ‘The Storm’

The episode is directed by Andrew Stanton

The episode may possibly deal with the real storm as in 1984 the America has experienced the Atlantic hurricane season pretty badly in reality. Maybe those experiences will be shown in this season.

Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 6 – ‘The Pollywog’

The episode is directed by Andrew Stanton

Pollywog is offspring of the frog i.e. tadpole. Possibly the gross slug which was coughed up by Will in his bathroom is a pollywog.

Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 7 – ‘The Secret Cabin’

The episode is directed by Rebecca Thomas

This cabin might be where Eleven is gone, reflect back to when Hopper set those eggos in that box in the woods. Cabins are found in woods, so possibly Eleven has hidden somewhere in the cabin of Upside Down to stay.

Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 8 – ‘The Brain’

The episode is directed by The Duffer Brothers

This episode may deal with some powers of Eleven as she has some psychokinetic flair or we might see some advance brain skills of Will or the new big bad character.

Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 9 – ‘The Lost Brother’

The episode is directed by The Duffer Brothers

It might be a new unknown character or the new child who has been experimented like Eleven in that shaded government facility.


Stranger Things Music and Stranger Things Soundtrack


Synthesizers are extensively used in Stranger Things Music to pay homage to 1980s film composers and music artists. The duffer Brothers had been the great fan of band Survive so Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon are selected as composers of Stanger things soundtrack. Duffer Brothers also used the famous song of Survive band ‘Dirge’ for the mock trailer of the show. The Stranger Things soundtrack, consists of 36 striking songs from Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon in two volumes, was released by popular Lakeshore Records. The streaming option and digital release of the songs were held on August 2016 for the two volumes, whereas trade versions were accessible in September 2016.  Limited editions of the soundtrack on vinyl scheduled for the second season in both individual and a packed set are set to release in July 2017.

Stranger Things Soundtrack

Stranger Things Monster


The show plots roughly around the classic role-playing game of 80’s i.e. Dungeons & Dragons as the game also have talents and personalities who are exploring dark and dangerous creatures to battle terrifying evil. The series dreaded monster is also named after Dungeons & Dragons most famous demon ‘Demogorgon’ and the monster also shares D&D demon’s ways to destruct everything. In the previous season, we have seen that Stranger Things Monster Demogorgon is defeated and season two trailers also revealed that this season’s monster will be superior and meaner. It might be possible that the latest monster will once again share its name and inspiration from the vast range of monster from D&D.


Stranger Things Reviews



Stranger Things is the best Netflix creative series so far and it has got very good reviews by audience and critics apart from this Stranger Things IMDb also got a very good rating. It is appreciated by all spectators as it is pitch-perfect in about every way.  Stranger Things makes out accurately how long it is required to be, and the series never ever feel bogged downward by viewers. The first season of the series comprises a good beginning, an exciting middle and a terrific and probing end; the story is picturized and told in a simple and clear way, with right pacing, characterization and as much as the necessary time given to each and every character of the story.  Stranger Things Cast is simply outstanding all characters look perfect in their roles especially all child artists have done brilliant acting in the series. Stranger Things is frightening and comfortable, inspiring and forbidding. It is also elegantly shot and attained by an appealing mix of 1980s synth engorges. This web show is a pleasure to look at, soothing and convincing as well as pitched in just the accurate manner. But yet with an uncompleted conclusion, these eight striking episodes are as confident, original, gratifying, and spontaneously watchable as whatever thing Netflix has created to date. The show’s skillful combination of dismay and sensitivity is ecstatically genuine and fair apart from this there is not any spiky incongruity that may disagreeably shove us away of its wonderfully delivered world. Stranger Things experiences at once unsullied and household, like somewhat you observed as a youngster in a friend’s room, but currently only faintly memorize and what a delight to revive it, and to experience a glimmer of that frivolous enchantment of early days, when certainly our  entire imaginative world was full of weird and magnificent effects like this.



Stranger Things Awards and Critical Acclaim


Stranger Things has turn out to be a Netflix’s most-watched imaginative series. The series received various critical and audience acclamations and was admired for its title string, directing, acting presentations, and 80’s synth-heavy pop score. The series collected 3 IGN Awards nominations and it won the award for Best Streaming Exclusive. The series grabbed the award for Episodic Television, Drama in Producers Guild of America Awards and Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series award in Screen Actors Guild Awards. It also won the award at American Film Institute Awards for Top 10 TV Programs of the Year and Best Sound Editing: TV Short Form – Music award at Golden Reel Awards. The series has also achieved two Writers Guild of America Award nominations, two Golden Globe Award nominations; it’s both Soundtrack Volumes got nominations for the Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media at 2017 Grammy Awards and much more.


Stranger Things Theories 


Everybody’s beloved Netflix web series, Stranger Things, has obsessed fans to crop up with the weirdest and wildest Stranger Things Theories about the upcoming second season of the series. Exhilaration for season two of Stranger Things has accomplished climax levels after a mysterious teaser was revealed during Super Bowl festivities. Social media sites like Stranger Things Reddit and Twitter have gone wacky trying to shape out all the queries and questions readers had by their end. Everybody is figuring out unusual theories such as

  • Thessalhydra from the game ‘D&D’ is Season 2’s monster – Fans gave extremely close consideration to the concluding D&D game of Season 1, in which Will conquered a creature known as Thessalhydra. The Thessalhydra has eight heads and it redevelops them once they get slash off; the massive creature revealed in the Super Bowl trailer looks somewhat like Thessalhydra with multi-head or legs. According to fan theories, that previous D&D game was forewarning the monster of Season 2.


  • Will Byers is partially a monster now – We have seen in the last episode of previous season that Will cough up slimy slug-like creature belonged to the Upside Down world and his standing flickers in the bathroom fetching the Upside Down’s scary dimness into sight briefly after that his normal behavior with his family introduced a new theory that Will has a tap of monster’s malevolence magic inside him.


  • Eleven is still alive, however inextricably joined to the Upside Down – The latest trailer for the series inveterate that Eleven endured her encounter with the monster in Season one, and she will be returning in Season two as well. It is believed that finding and saving Eleven from Upside Down will emerge out largely in season 2. Show’s director also said that viewers will view more about Eleven’s origin and background   Show creators. Fans believe that she was infiltrated by the darkness of Upside Down when she touched the creature after entering the alternate world through an isolation tank at the Hawkins Lab during a flashback seen and she also admitted in one episode of the previous edition that she is the monster.


  • The Upside Down might become Hawkins’ future – The Upside Down appeared to be an equivalent universe description of Hawkins, but admirers are trying to figure out what Upside Down it truly is. Some believe that Upside Down is not an additional dimension but it is Hawkins future this supposition comes due to the fact that, someway, Eleven ripped a gap in the space-time range, permitting bits of a potential future to flow into Hawkins to create a time loop.


  • Nancy Wheeler might eventually twist up with Jonathan Byers – Although, the show concluded with Nancy in Steve’s arms, but many observant fans noted her remote stare as Steve seized her in his arms and also she had presented an exceptional present to Jonathan. The truth relics, Jonathan and Nancy have teamed up in opposition to the monster and Steve merely barged in plan unintentionally at the end moment. The two share a strong connection amid themselves.


Apart from this, some peoples are also speculating that Hopper will now work for the government as he was seen striding into a car with some bad guys. So, these are some of the weird theories speculated by viewers which will come to a conclusion when the next season of the series will release in October.



Stranger Things Merchandises, Stranger Things Books,  Stranger Things Season 2 Cards and Stranger Things Posters

Stranger Things season 2 first look, Stranger Things season 2 poster, Stranger Things wallpapers, Stranger Things images
Stranger Things season 2 first look, Stranger Things season 2 poster, Stranger Things wallpapers, Stranger Things images

When Stranger Things released last summer on Netflix, it immediately turned out to be a national fascination and it even qualified as the ‘pop culture event’ of 2016. It becomes so popular amid teens that many online sites are offering various merchandises from stranger things like stranger things apparel for guys and girls that include raglans, tees and tanks. Apart from this Stranger Things inspired accessories, pins, patches, key chains and other collectibles are also available online. Admirer can also buy online Stanger Things Cards and Posters to gift their friends. Many online sites are also providing Stranger Things Inspired Books for readers.

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